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Estrella Cruz [The Junkyard Queen] – Jen Wineman Director
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The New York Premiere of a new play by Charise Castro Smith

A play about a mother and daughter. Also featuring: helpful tips on what to do if you get knocked up by the lord of the underworld and it turns out he’s a little meh about the whole thing. Also about having Bette Davis as your imaginary best friend, a spunky heroine, some sex and loads of glamour.

Featuring Annie Henk, Ben Horner, Irene Sofia Lucio, Brian Charles Rooney, Socorro Santiago

Producer: Whitney Estrin
Set Design: Elizabeth Groth
Light Design: Alan Edwards
Costume Design: Melissa Trn
Sound Design: Charles Coes
Video Design: Sarah Lasley
Production Stage Manager: Allison Douglass

Production Photos by Marielle Solan

Presented at Ars Nova as part of ANT Fest
October 18, 2011

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