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Klytaemnstra’s Unmentionables – Jen Wineman Director
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The New York premiere of a play created & performed by Bradford Louryk
Text compiled by Rob Grace

Five tragic femme fatales of Ancient Greece come to life as Bradford Louryk interprets and performs their stories in this lip-synched multimedia performance piece. The innocence of Electra, the animalism of a Fury, Medea’s insane jealousy, Phèdre’s incestuous lust and Klytaemnestra’s wrath each find expression in this dazzling exploration of gender and myth.

Producer: Alison Albeck
Set Design: Oliver Butler
Lighting Design: Mike Riggs
Costume Design: Sydney Maresca
Sound Design: Benjamin Brake & Noah Wadden with Abby Hannan
Dramaturgy: Jess Applebaum

Production Photography by Mike Riggs

Presented by Studio 42 at HERE Arts Center
December 1–17, 2001

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